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Travel Insurance for USA

Health Insurance for US Visitors

You’re visiting your friends and family in USA and wanna have a good time. Travel insurance is the least of your concerns.
Well, we got you covered.

Travel Insurance for Parents

Travel Insurance for Parents

Inviting your parents over to USA for a short visit? You know getting a medical insurance is the right choice but which plan to choose?
Let us help you out.

Insurance for New Immigrants

Insurance for US Immigrants

Immigrating to USA? Getting temporary medical insurance would be a great idea. Here are the best temporary medical insurance plans for new immigrants to USA.

Flight cancellation insurance

Flight Cancellation Insurance

Flights can be fun. Until there are cancellations.
Learn how to protect yourself from flight cancellations with flight cancellation insurance.

International travel insurance

International Travel Insurance

Trips are exciting. What’s not exciting is the anxiety that comes with it.
Worry not. Select & choose from the best international travel insurance plans.

Business travel insurance

BusinessTravel Insurance

Traveling for business? Ensure that you have your trip protected with the best business travel insurance plans.
Find out the best business travel insurance plans.