Safe Travels USA Comprehensive

Are you planning to visit USA but worried about what kind of insurance to get? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this honest review, we’ll discuss the benefits and features of Safe Travels USA Comprehensive travel insurance – one of the most popular travel insurance plans out there.

What’s good about it, what’s not and everything in between.

Let’s start with the basics.

Why do you need a comprehensive insurance plan like Safe Travels?

Imagine this – you’re visiting USA and suddenly you fall sick or get hurt (god forbid you don’t).

The last thing you want to worry about is the high cost of medical treatment, right?

That’s where comprehensive insurance comes in.

It covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost luggage, and more (unlike other non-comprehensive ones)!

Safe Travels USA offers comprehensive travel insurance that covers all your medical and non-medical expenses, providing you with peace of mind while you enjoy your trip.

Recommended Plans

✅ Atlas America

Up to $2,000,000 of Overall Maximum Coverage, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Medical coverage for eligible expenses related to COVID-19, Trip Interruption & Travel Delay.

✅ Safe Travels Comprehensive

Coverage for in-patient and out-patient medical accidents up to $1 Million, Coverage of acute episodes of pre-existing conditions, Coverage from 5 days to 364 days (about 12 months).

✅ Patriot America Platinum

Up to $8,000,000 limits, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Coinsurance for treatment received in the U.S. (100% within PPO Network), Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions covered.

Why is Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Travel Insurance a better plan?

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Travel Insurance is a type of travel insurance designed specifically for visitors to the United States. That’s the first reason.

It’s been there in the market for the longest time and offers coverage for both medical and non-medical expenses, including trip interruption, trip cancellation, baggage loss, and emergency medical evacuation.

It’s underwritten by Sirius International Insurance Corporation, which has been providing insurance solutions for over 70 years.

The legacy is un-matched!

Features of Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Medical Coverage:

Safe Travels USA provides medical coverage for sickness and injury, including emergency medical treatment, hospitalization, and prescription medications. It also offers coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, subject to certain conditions.

Non-Medical Coverage:

Safe Travels USA offers coverage for non-medical expenses, such as trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage loss, and travel delay.

Emergency Medical Evacuation:

Safe Travels USA provides coverage for emergency medical evacuation to the nearest medical facility or home country in case of serious illness or injury.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions:

Safe Travels USA covers pre-existing medical conditions, subject to certain conditions. You must purchase the insurance within 24 hours of making your initial trip deposit, and you must be medically stable at the time of purchasing the insurance.

24/7 Assistance:

Safe Travels USA provides 24/7 assistance to help you with any travel-related emergencies, such as lost passports, travel documents, and emergency medical assistance.

  • Administrator: Trawick International
  • Underwriter: C&F Crum & Forster
  • Best Suitable for: International visitors to the USA, looking for extensive travel insurance
  • Eligibility: Visitors to the USA
  • Type of coverage: Comprehensive Coverage Plan

That’s a lot of coverage, right? But don’t worry, we’ll break it down for you.

Let’s say you fall ill during your trip, your comprehensive insurance can cover the cost of medical treatment, hospitalization, and other related expenses.

If you need to cancel your trip for any unforeseen reason, your insurance can cover the cost of cancellation fees, hotel reservations, and other related expenses.

And if your luggage gets lost or stolen, your insurance can cover the cost of replacement items like clothes and personal items.

Now, how do you choose the right comprehensive insurance plan for your trip?

First, make sure to choose a plan with adequate coverage limits for medical emergencies, trip cancellations and related expenses.

Check the deductibles for each type of coverage to make sure they’re reasonable and affordable.

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, make sure to choose a plan that covers them. And of course, compare prices to find a plan that offers the best value for your money.

In conclusion, comprehensive insurance is an essential part of safe travel in the USA.

It may seem confusing at first, but with the right coverage, you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind knowing that you’re protected against unexpected events.

So, pack your bags and get ready for an amazing adventure!

Let’s talk about some specifics now.

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Review

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive is a Comprehensive travel insurance plan underwritten by GBG Insurance Limited and administered by Trawick International.

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive is a high-end travel insurance plan for travelers to USA (non-U.S citizens traveling outside of their home country anywhere).

This plan covers pre-existing conditions (subject to inclusions) and is ideal for elder folks visiting USA.

This is an ideal travel insurance plan for parents visiting USA.

Within the PPO Network, Safe Travels USA Comprehensive pays 100% up to the policy maximum.

You can choose from $50,000 to $1,000,000 for a medical policy maximum.

Outside of the network, the plan pays 80% of the first $5,000 and 100% thereafter for covered expenses after the deductible is satisfied.

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Insurance offers insurance between 5 days and a maximum of 2 years (renewable).

This plan offers a maximum policy period of two years but is renewable.

Patriot America Plus and Atlas America are two other plans that might be better options than this plan. Consider comparing them.

Pre-existing conditions are covered under this plan, but please check the fine print for exclusions.

Pre-existing conditions may be subject to defenition, as specified by the plan.

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive travel insurance plan is part of the FirstHealth/Coventry network, which are good providers network in the USA.

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive offers the following benefit to insurers.

  • More maximum limit to policy (up to $1,000,000).
  • Deductible in-network = $0, Out of Network up to $5,000.
  • Trip Interruption: $5,000.
  • Lost Baggage: $1,000.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment: $25,000.
  • Mental or Nervous Disorders: $2,500 per Policy Period.
  • Physiotherapy/Physical Medicine/Chiropractic: $50 per visit per day.
  • Dental Treatment: $250 per Policy Period.

Is Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Legit?

Trawick International is a legitimate travel insurance provider. However, Safe Travels USA is not an actual product of theirs.

It appears to be a travel insurance package created by a third-party company that includes coverage from several different travel insurance providers, including Trawick International.

Since it is not an official product of Trawick International, it is difficult to judge its legitimacy.

We recommend researching the company and the coverage they offer to make sure it meets your needs before purchasing the policy.

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Pros

  • Top class benefits.
  • Great PPO Network.
  • Ideal for young & elder travelers alike.
  • Covers pre-existing conditions.

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Cons

  • Low policy maximum for pre-existing conditions coverage over ages 65+.

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Features

AdministratorTrawick International
UnderwriterGBG Insurance Limited
Provider NetworkFirst Health, Coventry
Coverage LocationUSA, International
Coverage Duration Min5 Days
Coverage Duration Max2 Years
Visa TypesB1/B2 Visa
Available ForNon US Residents, US Visitors
Restricted StatesNone
Pre-Existing ConditionsCovered

Is Trawick International a reputed company?

Yes, Trawick International is a reputed company. It is a travel insurance provider with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been in business since 1999.

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Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Review

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Safe Travels USA Comprehensive is a great value for money policy from Trawick International. It covers a lot of activities and the benefits are more than any other competing plans. Highly recommended.


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