Visitors Care

Visitors Care is a Limited Coverage travel insurance plan underwritten by Sirius International and administered by IMG Global.

Visitors Care is a travel insurance plan that offers the bare minimum coverage non-U.S citizens traveling to the USA on short visits.

This is a limited coverage plan. Therefore, the benefits largely differ as compared to a comprehensive coverage plan like Patriot America Plus or Atlas America.

A limited coverage plan offers less benefits than a comprehensive plan.

The highlight of this travel insurance plan is that it is a low-cost one and the premium is very affordable.

The disadvantage of this plan is that it only would pay a fixed or pre-defined amount for each service during a claim.

If you’re looking for a low cost plan, Visitors Care might be a good choice..

This plan offers travel medical benefits including out-patient treatment, in-patient treatment, ambulance expenses, emergency medical evacuation, and more.

But, keep in mind that during the claim process, it only pays per incident.

Pre-existing conditions can be added on to Visitors Care plan, but doesn’t really offer a robust package as compared to other plans that offer better pre-existing conditions coverage.

Pre-existing conditions may be subject to defenition, as specified by the plan.

Visitors Care is part of the FirstHealth network, which is a decent network in the USA.

Visitors Care Pros

  • Low cost.
  • Ideal for short trips to USA.
  • The deductible is required only once per policy period.

Visitors Care Cons

  • Coverage of Pre-existing conditions are optional.
  • Fixed, pre-defined rate for each service during claim.

Visitors Care Features

AdministratorIMG Global
UnderwriterSirius International
Provider NetworkUnited Healthcare
Coverage LocationUSA, International
Coverage Duration Min5 Days
Coverage Duration Max2 Years
Visa TypesB1/B2 Visa
Available ForNon US Residents, US Visitors, US Residents
Restricted StatesNone
Pre-Existing ConditionsNot Covered

Visitors Care is a Limited Coverage travel insurance plan.

Visitors Care is Available.

It is an Affordable travel insurance plan.

Visitors Care is administered by IMG Global.

Visitors Care offers PPO network.

Visitors Care offers coverage in USA, International regions.

Visitors Care offers minimum policy duration of 5 Days.

Visitors Care offers maximum policy duration of 1 Year.




B1/B2 Visa, Green Card visa holders can buy Visitors Care insurance.

Visitors Care is available for Non US Residents, US Visitors, US Residents.

Visitors Care is part of First Health network.


Pre-existing conditions are Optional by Visitors Care travel insurance.



You can get the full policy details from here –

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Visitors Care Review

Mani Karthik

Claim Process


Visitors Cover is a low cost, limited coverage plan and this makes it less popular among folks with pre-existing conditions. It is a good plan if your only concern is policy cost. As for benefits, there are better plans.


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