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Travel Insurance for Parents

Travel Insurance for Parents

Inviting your parents over to USA for a short visit? You know getting a medical insurance is the right choice but which plan to choose?
Let us help you out.

Insurance for New Immigrants

Insurance for US Immigrants

Immigrating to USA? Getting temporary medical insurance would be a great idea. Here are the best temporary medical insurance plans for new immigrants to USA.

Flight cancellation insurance

Flight Cancellation Insurance

Flights can be fun. Until there are cancellations.
Learn how to protect yourself from flight cancellations with flight cancellation insurance.

International travel insurance

International Travel Insurance

Trips are exciting. What’s not exciting is the anxiety that comes with it.
Worry not. Select & choose from the best international travel insurance plans.

Business travel insurance

BusinessTravel Insurance

Traveling for business? Ensure that you have your trip protected with the best business travel insurance plans.
Find out the best business travel insurance plans.

Travel insurance is made unnecessarily hard. Well, on Visitcover, we break it down into helpful, easy-to-understand articles.

Making sense of insurance is tough. With lingos and jargon, it’s made unnecessarily complex. Well, at least not on this website.

Our insurance experts have written extensively on all travel insurance topics.

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International Travel Insurance

To start off, here’s our expert article on how travel insurance works, what travel insurance covers, types of travel insurance, and everything about travel medical insurance.

Here are the best international health insurance companies according to our research. We’ll keep a watch on these companies and update you when there’s movement.

One of the things that are really confusing to understand with travel insurance is acute onset of pre existing conditions. Insurance companies keep these under the fine print. What exactly are they? Read on..

Travel Insurance Topics

We also review a lot of insurance plans. Here are a few that are really popular. Allianz Travel Insurance Review, IMG Insurance Review, Travel Guard Insurance Reviews, and American Express Travel Insurance Review.

Are you a backpacker? Getting health insurance is not gonna be easy. But worry not. We’ve compiled the best backpacker Insurance for you, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Oh! And when it comes to health insurance, ex-pats are one of the larger sections of society, that need short-term health insurance. We’ve covered the best expat health insurance for Americans living abroad as well.

Travel Insurance for Parents

And what about seniors? Of course, yes. We’ve also listed the best international travel insurance for seniors here so that, our senior citizens can travel in peace anywhere they want.

And just like acute onset, another confusing jargon in health insurance is “pre-existing conditions”. Well, we got it covered as well here – best travel insurance for pre existing conditions.

International Travel Insurance

And we don’t stop with personal travel insurance but also cover business travel. Here are the best business travel Insurance compiled for you.

We’ve also covered some of the frequently asked questions as well. Like can travel insurance be bought after booking, can travel insurance be claimed on Income Tax, does travel insurance cover Covid, Is Travel Insurance mandatory for USA?, what is an insurance deductible, and more.

And if you don’t feel confident about purchasing travel insurance plans, we always recommend comparing travel insurance plans here. We actually built a tool so that you can find the right travel insurance plan for you.

Cruise Insurance

Travel insurance isn’t always only about flights. We review a lot of cruise insurance as well. Here’s another one for those planning to go on a Cruise.

For that traveling to Schengen countries, we’ve compiled the cheapest travel insurance for Schengen visa as well.

We cover a lot of international travel as well. For example, here’s a look at health insurance for foreigners in USA. Here’s another amazing article on health Insurance in Mexico for US Citizens and the best health insurance companies for Expats.

Europe Travel Insurance

Immigrants form a majority of our readers. Here’s an article on the best insurance for US Immigrants and health insurance for green card holders.

Of course, travel insurance gets complex when it comes to the fine print. We try our best to simplify travel insurance for you through our easy-to-understand articles. Here’s an article on medical evacuation insurance which we think makes the whole idea of medical evacuation easy to understand.

We’ve even explained complex to understand topics like medical evacuation insurance, like how a tenth-grader would understand.

Short Term Health Insurance

Sometimes, it all gets down to the basics. We think we know it all, but no. Here’s an article on PPO network providers in USA, the most common travel insurance exclusions, travel insurance for Snowbirds, and even insurance for folks from Asia who’re traveling.

For example, here’s an article for folks from India about travel insurance from India to USA.

Travel insurance is essentially short-term medical insurance. It is also sometimes called short-term medical insurance. So, we compiled the most popular health insurance for visitors to the USA here.

One of the basic questions people ask is – are travel insurance and health insurance the same.

Among immigrants, our readers include green card holders and folks on temporary or work visas.

Travel Insurance for International Trips

We’ve covered travel and health insurance options for them as well in these articles – Best healthcare for green card holders, dental insurance for international students, healthcare options for Canadians visiting USA and best travel insurance for COVID.

And of course, our travel insurance experts have answered some frequently asked questions like can travel insurance ask for medical records, can travel insurance be canceled, extended, refunded, etc.

And here are our expert articles on some of the most popular travel topics.

Extension of Tourist Visa – This talks about when and how you can extend your tourist visas. And what if your flight gets canceled? There’s flight cancellation insurance to rescue.

Also, check out what to do if you lost luggage during your trip and how to deal with it.

Travel Insurance for Lost Luggage

We’ve reviewed the Global Entry Trusted Traveler Program as well.

Are you a college-goer looking for health insurance? We got expert advice on health insurance for college students as well.

Going on an international trip? You need to check these international travel insurance and annual travel insurance plans to start off your trip planning.

For the folks who are skeptical about travel insurance and are wondering if travel insurance is worth it, we got an expert article on that as well.

For the folks who are bringing their parents from overseas to visit you in the USA, here are the best travel insurance for parents visiting USA.

Traveling to Europe? Here are the best Europe travel insurance plans.

Health Insurance for International Trips