Patriot America is a Comprehensive travel insurance plan underwritten by Sirius International and administered by IMG Global.

This travel insurance plan is a good fit for non-US citizens visiting USA.

It offers international travel insurance benefits to individuals, families, and groups of five or more travelers traveling to the USA.

This plan is a different version of Patriot America Plus – a popular plan.

The highlight of this plan is that, after the deductible is satisfied, this insurance plan pays 100% up to the policy maximum, within the PPO network.

However, it may not be a good plan for elder folks traveling to the USA as it does not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Buy Patriot America

This travel insurance plan is popular among young visitors to USA.

Patriot America plan is available for a minimum of 5 days to a maximum of one year. But it can be renewed for two years as well.

There are no state-wide restrictions within the USA, unlike similar plans like Atlas America or Safe Travels USA.

Pre-existing conditions may be subject to defenition, as specified by the plan.

Patriot America is part of the United Healthcare network, which is a widely accepted network in the USA.

Patriot America Pros

  • Affordable premium.
  • Great PPO network.
  • Ideal for young travelers to the USA.
  • The deductible is required only once per policy period.

Patriot America Cons

  • No coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Patriot America Features

AdministratorIMG Global
UnderwriterSirius International
Provider NetworkUnited Healthcare
Coverage LocationUSA, International
Coverage Duration Min1 Day
Coverage Duration Max2 Years
Visa TypesB1/B2 Visa
Available ForNon US Residents
Restricted StatesNone
Pre-Existing ConditionsCovered

What type of plan is Patriot America?

Patriot America is a Comprehensive travel insurance plan.

Is Patriot America available?

Patriot America is Available.

Is Patriot America expensive?

It is an Affordable travel insurance plan.

Which company Administers Patriot America?

Patriot America is administered by IMG Global.

Patriot America comes under which network?

Patriot America offers PPO network.

Which are the coverage areas for Patriot America?

Patriot America offers coverage in USA, International regions.

What is the minimum policy duration for Patriot America?

Patriot America offers minimum policy duration of 5 Days.

What is the maximum policy duration for Patriot America?

Patriot America offers maximum policy duration of 2 Years

Is Patriot America policy renewable?


Do Patriot America offer refunds?


Can you cancel Patriot America policy?


Which visas can buy Patriot America?

B1/B2 Visa visa holders can buy Patriot America insurance.

Whom is it available for?

Patriot America is available for Non US Residents, US Visitors, US Residents.

Which health network is Patriot America part of?

Patriot America is part of United Healthcare network.

Which states are Patriot America restricted in?


Do Patriot America cover pre-existing conditions?

Pre-existing conditions are Not Covered by Patriot America travel insurance.

Do Patriot America insurance cover dependants?


Do Patriot America offer dental insurance coverage?


Where can I get Patriot America full policy details?

You can get the full policy details from here –

How can I claim Patriot America insurance?

You can claim Patriot America travel insurance by following the details here –

Patriot America Review

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Patriot America is a good travel insurance plan, for young travelers visiting USA. Like Patriot America Plus it doesn’t offer pre-existing conditions coverage. But that’s perhaps a good thing for some travelers.

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