Travel in the USA Post-COVID: How the Landscape Has Changed

Written and researched by Michael Kays (Travel Insurance Expert) | Fact Checked by Danya Kristen (Insurance Agent).

As COVID-19 restrictions gradually lift and vaccines roll out across the country, the United States is experiencing a resurgence of travel. However, the pandemic has left a lasting impact on the travel industry, and the landscape has evolved in several ways.

In this article, we’ll explore how travel in the USA has been impacted post-COVID and what travelers can expect in this new era of exploration.

Emphasis on Health and Safety

One of the most significant changes in the post-COVID travel landscape is the increased emphasis on health and safety.

Travelers, airlines, hotels, and tourist attractions have all implemented measures to minimize the risk of virus transmission, including enhanced cleaning procedures, contactless check-ins, and social distancing protocols.

The use of face masks and hand sanitizers has become a common sight, and travelers can expect these practices to continue as the world navigates the pandemic’s aftermath.

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Domestic Travel Boom

International travel restrictions and uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 have led to a surge in domestic travel within the United States.

Travelers are opting to explore their own backyard, visiting national parks, beach destinations, and other local attractions.

This trend has sparked a renewed interest in road trips, camping, and outdoor activities, as Americans rediscover the beauty and diversity of their country.

Flexible Booking Policies

The unpredictability of the pandemic has led airlines, hotels, and other travel service providers to adopt more flexible booking policies. Travelers now have the option to change or cancel their plans without incurring hefty fees, offering peace of mind in a time of uncertainty.

As a result, last-minute bookings and spontaneous trips have become more common, allowing travelers to take advantage of deals and opportunities as they arise.

Rise of Remote Work and Long-term Stays

The shift to remote work during the pandemic has opened up new possibilities for travel, with many Americans choosing to work from different locations across the country.

This trend has led to an increase in long-term stays and bookings in vacation rentals, as professionals seek comfortable and well-equipped accommodations for extended periods. As remote work continues to gain popularity, this travel trend is expected to persist.

Focus on Sustainable Travel

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of sustainable and responsible travel, as travelers become more aware of their impact on the environment and local communities.

This shift has led to increased interest in eco-friendly accommodations, carbon-offsetting programs, and other sustainable travel practices. As the travel industry rebounds, the focus on sustainability is expected to play a significant role in shaping its future direction.


Travel in the USA post-COVID has undoubtedly changed, with new trends and priorities emerging as a result of the pandemic.

As the country continues to recover, travelers can expect to see an increased emphasis on health and safety, a boom in domestic travel, more flexible booking policies, and a growing focus on remote work and sustainable practices.

While the travel landscape may look different, the spirit of exploration and adventure remains strong, encouraging Americans to rediscover the beauty and diversity of their nation.