iTravelInsured Travel Sport Insurance: Adventure and Peace of Mind

Written and researched by Michael Kays (Travel Insurance Expert) | Fact Checked by Danya Kristen (Insurance Agent).

When it comes to living it up and seeking thrills during your travels, you want an insurance plan that has your back.

That’s where iTravelInsured Travel Sport Insurance comes in, providing coverage specifically designed for your adventurous side.

Let’s dive into the details and uncover what makes iTravelInsured Travel Sport Insurance the perfect choice for your action-packed journey.

Overview of iTravelInsured Travel Sport Insurance

iTravelInsured, a subsidiary of International Medical Group (IMG), has been a reliable provider of travel insurance products for over 20 years.

Their Travel Sport Insurance plan is designed with active and adventurous travelers in mind, offering coverage for a wide range of sports and activities.

So, whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or just love exploring the great outdoors, this insurance plan has got you covered.

Recommended Plans

✅ Atlas America

Up to $2,000,000 of Overall Maximum Coverage, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Medical coverage for eligible expenses related to COVID-19, Trip Interruption & Travel Delay.

✅ Safe Travels Comprehensive

Coverage for in-patient and out-patient medical accidents up to $1 Million, Coverage of acute episodes of pre-existing conditions, Coverage from 5 days to 364 days (about 12 months).

✅ Patriot America Platinum

Up to $8,000,000 limits, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Coinsurance for treatment received in the U.S. (100% within PPO Network), Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions covered.

Key Features of iTravelInsured Travel Sport Insurance

iTravelInsured Travel Sport Insurance comes packed with essential features to keep you protected during your adventures:

  • Medical coverage: Comprehensive medical protection for accidents and illnesses, including hospitalization, outpatient treatment, and prescription medications.
  • Emergency medical evacuation: If you need urgent medical attention, this policy covers the cost of transporting you to the nearest appropriate medical facility or back to your home country.
  • Trip interruption and cancellation: If your trip is interrupted or canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, this policy reimburses you for non-refundable trip costs, such as flights, accommodations, and prepaid activities.
  • Baggage protection: Coverage for lost, stolen, or damaged luggage and personal effects, including sports equipment.
  • AD&D (Accidental Death & Dismemberment) coverage: Financial protection for you and your family in case of accidental death or dismemberment during your trip.

Coverage for Adventure Sports and Activities

One of the standout features of iTravelInsured Travel Sport Insurance is its extensive coverage for adventure sports and activities.

The policy covers a wide range of sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving, mountain biking, and more.

However, it’s essential to review the policy wording for any exclusions or limitations on specific activities.

If you’re planning on participating in a higher-risk activity not covered by the standard policy, consider purchasing an optional add-on for additional coverage.

Understanding the Policy Wording

Like all insurance policies, iTravelInsured Travel Sport Insurance comes with its share of fine print. Be sure to review the policy wording carefully to understand any exclusions, limitations, or conditions that may apply:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions: Some pre-existing conditions may not be covered, or coverage may be subject to a waiting period.
  • Deductibles and co-payments: Your policy may require you to pay a deductible or co-payment for certain benefits.
  • Waiting periods: Certain benefits may be subject to waiting periods before coverage kicks in.
  • Exclusions and limitations: Be aware of any specific exclusions or limitations that may apply to your coverage, such as high-risk activities or regions with travel advisories.

How to Customize Your iTravelInsured Travel Sport Insurance Plan

iTravelInsured allows you to customize your Travel Sport Insurance plan to suit your needs and preferences:

  • Coverage options and limits: Choose from a range of coverage limits for various benefits, such as medical coverage and trip cancellation.
  • Optional add-ons and extensions: Enhance your policy with optional add-ons for additional sports coverage, rental car damage protection, or cancel-for-any-reason coverage.
  • Factors to consider when choosing your plan: Consider your trip duration, destination, planned activities, and personal health needs when selecting your coverage options and limits.

Pricing and Discounts

TravelInsured Travel Sport Insurance policy will depend on factors such as your age, trip duration, destination, and selected coverage limits.

To ensure you’re getting the best value for your money, be sure to compare iTravelInsured’s pricing with other providers.

Additionally, keep an eye out for discounts and promotions that may be available, such as group discounts or seasonal offers.

How to Purchase iTravelInsured Travel Sport Insurance

Purchasing an iTravelInsured Travel Sport Insurance policy is a breeze with their user-friendly online application process. You’ll need to provide some basic information, such as your travel dates, destination, and personal details.

Once you’ve selected your coverage options and limits, you can complete the payment using a credit card or other accepted payment methods.

After your purchase, you’ll receive your policy documents and a confirmation email with your policy number and emergency contact details.

Making a Claim with iTravelInsured Travel Sport Insurance

If you need to make a claim, follow these steps to ensure a smooth process:

  1. Contact iTravelInsured as soon as possible after the incident, ideally within 24 hours.
    They will guide you through the claims process and inform you of the required documents.
  2. Collect any necessary documentation, such as medical reports, police reports, receipts, or proof of purchase.
  3. Submit your claim within the specified time frame, typically between 30 and 90 days from the incident.
  4. Stay in touch with iTravelInsured during the claims process, providing any additional information or documents they request. Keep a record of your communication, including dates, names, and details of your conversations.
  5. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Overall, iTravelInsured Travel Sport Insurance has received positive reviews from customers, who appreciate the comprehensive coverage, competitive pricing, and responsive customer service.

However, as with any insurance provider, some customers have reported issues or delays during the claims process. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons based on your specific needs and travel plans.


For adventure-seekers and thrill-chasers, iTravelInsured Travel Sport Insurance offers a tailored solution to protect you during your travels.

With its extensive coverage for sports and activities, customizable plans, and competitive pricing, it’s an excellent option to consider for your next adrenaline-fueled adventure.

However, always review the policy wording carefully and compare it with other providers to ensure you’re choosing the best coverage for your needs. Happy adventuring!