Does Chase Freedom have Travel Insurance

Written and researched by Michael Kays (Travel Insurance Expert) | Fact Checked by Danya Kristen (Insurance Agent).

So, you’ve got a Chase Freedom credit card tucked away in your wallet, and you’re itching to get on a plane, train, or automobile for a well-deserved vacation.

You’re savvy, so you know travel insurance is a smart move, but you’re left scratching your head and wondering, “Does my Chase Freedom card provide me with travel insurance?”

Strap yourself in and prepare for a tour as we explore the travel insurance benefits of your Chase Freedom card.

Travel Insurance? Say What Now?

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty, let’s briefly touch on the basics of travel insurance. Think of it as your safety net when you’re on the move.

It’s there to cover unexpected costs that can spring up during your travels like a popped Jack-in-the-box.

Think trip cancellations, flight delays, lost luggage, medical emergencies — that kind of thing. But does Chase Freedom swing into the rescue here? Let’s find out.

Recommended Plans

✅ Atlas America

Up to $2,000,000 of Overall Maximum Coverage, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Medical coverage for eligible expenses related to COVID-19, Trip Interruption & Travel Delay.

✅ Safe Travels Comprehensive

Coverage for in-patient and out-patient medical accidents up to $1 Million, Coverage of acute episodes of pre-existing conditions, Coverage from 5 days to 364 days (about 12 months).

✅ Patriot America Platinum

Up to $8,000,000 limits, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Coinsurance for treatment received in the U.S. (100% within PPO Network), Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions covered.

Chase Freedom and Travel Insurance: The Lowdown

The Chase Freedom card, beloved by many for its rotating cash-back categories and no annual fee, does come with some travel benefits.

However, it’s important to note that as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Chase Freedom does not offer a comprehensive travel insurance package like some other premium credit cards do.

What it does offer is travel and purchase protection benefits. This includes things like zero liability protection for unauthorized purchases and purchase protection against damage or theft for new purchases.

“But I Heard Chase Sapphire Has Travel Insurance!”

If you’ve been eavesdropping on conversations in the credit card world, you may have heard about the travel insurance offered by the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Reserve cards.

These siblings in the Chase credit card family provide a suite of travel insurance benefits, including trip cancellation/interruption insurance, baggage delay insurance, trip delay reimbursement, and travel accident insurance.

So, if you’re a frequent traveler, it might be worth considering these options as part of your travel financial planning. But if you’re sticking with your Chase Freedom card, don’t despair. You still have some benefits to help you out on your travels.

Maximizing Your Chase Freedom Card’s Travel Benefits

The benefits that come with your Chase Freedom card may not be labeled as “travel insurance,” but they can still provide some travel-related protections.

Purchase protection can cover you if your brand-new, eligible purchase gets damaged or stolen within 120 days, making it helpful for those gadget purchases for your travels.

The card also offers zero liability protection, meaning you won’t be held responsible for unauthorized charges made with your card or account information. This can be particularly valuable when traveling, given the potential risk of card information theft.

Travel Insurance Beyond Your Credit Card

Just because your Chase Freedom card doesn’t provide extensive travel insurance, it doesn’t mean you should dismiss the idea of travel insurance altogether.

You can purchase travel insurance policies from a variety of providers, covering aspects like medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and delays. Shop around to find the best policy that fits your travel needs and your budget.


While the Chase Freedom card might not be your one-way ticket to comprehensive travel insurance, it still offers beneficial features that can provide a degree of protection during your travels.

For a more robust travel insurance package, consider looking at other credit cards, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Reserve, or purchasing a standalone policy. In the world of travel, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Q1: Does Chase Freedom offer travel insurance?

As of September 2021, the Chase Freedom card does not offer comprehensive travel insurance. It does provide certain benefits like purchase protection and zero liability protection which can be beneficial during travel.

Q2: What kind of travel benefits does Chase Freedom offer?

Chase Freedom provides travel and purchase protection benefits. This includes zero liability protection for unauthorized purchases and purchase protection against damage or theft for new purchases.

Q3: What other credit cards offer travel insurance?

Many credit cards, especially premium ones, offer travel insurance. For instance, Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Sapphire Reserve offer a range of travel insurance benefits including trip cancellation/interruption insurance, baggage delay insurance, and travel accident insurance.

Q4: Can I purchase separate travel insurance even if my card doesn’t provide it?

Yes, you can purchase travel insurance policies separately from a variety of providers. These policies can cover aspects such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and delays.

Q5: What does purchase protection on Chase Freedom card cover?

Purchase protection can cover you if your new purchase gets damaged or stolen within 120 days. The coverage is up to $500 per claim and $50,000 per account.

Remember, always read the fine print of your credit card benefits guide and your travel insurance policy. That way, you know exactly what protection you have in place before you hit the road. Safe travels!